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Is it a risk-taker’s market? Investors are skeptical

There’s a laundry list of reasons to be cynical about the stock market this year: real estate, high-interest rates, government shutdown risks, and wars abroad.  Investor and personal …

Amazon revenue reports jumps 13%, stock climbs as a result

Much to many analysts' surprise, Amazon’s third-quarter earnings and revenue exceeded analysts' estimates by $1.7 billion. Their advertising sector raked in $12.1 billion in the third quarter …

AppleInsider reports that pre-orders of the iPhone 15 are up by 10% worldwide, year after year, with the sale of the iPhone Pro Max this year doing “exceptionally well.” The new Pro …
Meme stocks become viral through online communities such as Reddit and X. Through these social platforms; investors discuss stock viability, gather enough individuals, and mass-buy a certain amount …
The US Dollar is called the world’s “reserve currency” by the Council of Foreign Relations and has since been the standard for international trade. Countries must possess dollars …
In an interview with CNBC, Josh Young stated that the recent drop in US oil usage and supply is not worrying. When juxtaposed with global figures, Young noted that US oil demand is not far behind, …

The American Film Market: Here's What You Need To Know

1.) The Evolution of the American Film Market: A Retrospective The American Film Market is a cornerstone event in the film industry, held annually in early November. Since its inception in 1981, …

Is Citibank Recovering From Its Billion-Dollar Slip-up?

Citibank was at the center of worldwide scrutiny when it accidentally sent billions of dollars to Revlon's lenders with its bank money. Citibank filed a case to recover the funds. After a lengthy …

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Score Big with This Year’s Top Stocking Stuffers

(NewsUSA) - The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s time to think about stuffing those stockings. Check out this guide for details on this years can’t miss gifts from Spin …

BookTrib's Bites: Curl Up With These Cozy Reads

(NewsUSA) - A Winter by the Sea by Julie KlassenReturn to the Devonshire coast In this latest book in the On Devonshire Shores series with the Summers sisters, where loyalties are tested, secrets …
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US crypto firms are reportedly breaking records in terms of how much they’ve spent on lobbying in 2023. According to a new report by Reuters, the US crypto industry spent a combined $18.96 million …

8 Green Candles: Here’s What Happened To Bitcoin The Last Time It Appeared

Bitcoin is on an impressive run and finally broke above $40,000 for the first time in over a year. This run has been in the making for a few months with the climax coming between the months of …

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… 8% Tuesday after its Chief Financial Officer Jessica Fischer said the …
ETC is breaking out of a long-term downtrend (evidenced by the downtrend line being broken and retested on the chart). Also seeing MACD crossing bullish on 10HR timeframe and above 0 boundry, …
As I promised before Be the last chance to buy on channel 11-13k for a new uptrend Soon the market will be …
CALGARY, Alberta, Dec. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TSX-V: CWV: Crown Point Energy Inc. (“Crown Point“, the “Company” or “we“) is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned Argentine …
In a recent legal tussle involving the SEC and a cryptocurrency firm, a U.S. District Judge has raised concerns over the conduct of SEC attorneys, hinting at potential sanctions. The episode …
XRPUSD needs to break 0.88 to reach the Sky in 1-2 months. There is no reason for XRP to do down. It has great value and will reach $3-$4 by the end of March 2024.
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Greetings, traders, There exists potential for an upward movement within the following price ranges: 1. $0.8600 2. $0.8850 3. $0.9000 This is contingent upon successfully breaking the …
PLA looks like it's about to break out from a long-term downtrend. It's been basing for over a year and should resistance break, looks like it's good for 180% upside. Personally, I'd be looking …
Trading Journal GBPUSD Hourly Continuous Chart Price opens drawls to the previous equal lows. Taking out the sell side liquidity to start the London 2 am kill zone. Small scalp trade idea …
The AEUR-USDT trading pair hit a $3.25 high Tuesday afternoon before Binance suspended trading with the token.
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International business
Saskatchewan NDP questions mammogram plan over company’s party donations, lobbying
Sask. NDP is questioning the province's mammogram plan where patients will be sent to a Calgary company that donated to the Sask. party and hired former finance minister to lobby.
Manitoba headed for billion-dollar deficit, according to latest financial report
Manitoba's forecasted deficit is over a billion, according to the NDP government, which puts it higher than what was earlier forecasted in the first quarter for the year.
Keep tabs on your treasure — ’tis the season for porch pirates
'Tis the season for porch pirates! Here are some tips to keep your online packages safe this holiday season.
Murder trial hears Saskatchewan Mountie sometimes shared bed with shooting victim
The wife of Bernie Herman, a former Saskatchewan Mountie accused of murder, says he sometimes shared a bed with the man who was shot and killed.
Suspects wanted after victim ‘violently assaulted’ outside Oshawa bar: police
Two suspects are wanted after a victim was 'violently assaulted' outside an Oshawa bar, leaving them with serious facial injuries, police say. 
The reality of loneliness among Canada’s elderly. Why is it getting worse?
As Canada grapples with a rapidly aging demographic, experts are sounding the alarm on the increasing mental and physical health impacts of loneliness and social isolation.
Second person charged in death of Natacha Leroy in Cape Breton
Nova Scotia RCMP say the Cape Breton Regional Police arrested Kevin Forrest Jr., 28, of Big Bras d’Or on Friday at about 5:40 p.m.
Britain denies report nuclear site hacked by China, Russia-linked groups
A new report from The Guardian says that Sellafield nuclear site, which carries out nuclear fuel reprocessing, waste storage and decommissioning, has been victim of a hack.
S&P/TSX composite flat in late-morning trading, U.S. stock markets mixed
Canada's main stock index was flat in late-morning trading as losses in the base metal stocks were offset by gains in the technology and telecommunication sectors.
4 in 10 Canadians ‘not confident’ about retirement plans: TD survey
Canadians are growing concerned about meeting their financial goals, including the timing of their planned retirement, according to a new survey.
Peterborough police make arrests for domestic assaults
In one incident, police say a woman was found with injuries at a residence and a man was arrested for multiple counts of spousal assault.
Teenager charged after assault at Guelph high school
Guelph police say two teenage boys exchanged threatening messages on social media over a girl, resulting in a 16-year-old being assaulted on his way to class last Wednesday.
Coroner’s inquest watches video of inmate who says he witnessed struggle
The inquest into the death of Soleiman Faqiri is watching a video recording of John Thibeault's interview with police on Aug. 14, 2019.
Manitoba RCMP to provide details on cryptocurrency-based money-laundering operation
Police said millions of dollars were seized as part of Project Decrypt, a drug- and money-laundering operation based in the RM of Springfield.
Ford government considered Ontario Science Centre move as early as 2021: docs
A briefing prepared for an Ontario minister in August 2021 shows thought was already being put to relocating the Ontario Science Centre before a business case was even written.
On the Brink: Halifax wheelchair user feels ‘trapped’ due to housing crunch
In this instalment of 'On the Brink,' we speak with two women about the challenges finding accessible, affordable housing in Nova Scotia.
Lethbridge Hurricanes lose teddy bear toss game but community wins
In the second period, 3,764 bears rained down onto the ice, thanks to a goal from Miguel Marques.
Call of the Wilde: Montreal Canadiens wrangle Seattle Kraken, prevail with 4-2 win
This is the one Montreal Canadiens fans have been hoping for. Brian Wilde explains in this edition of Call of the Wilde.
Langley Township to look at repealing neighbourhood plans over NDP housing law
The new Bill 44 will require cities to allow up to four units on a standard residential lot, but the township's mayor says the city doesn't have enough infrastructure in place.
Video shows man narrowly missing being hit by cement truck on Port Mann Bridge
The video shows a cement truck approaching what appears to be a stopped truck and trailer in the right-hand lane of the Port Mann Bridge against the barrier.
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Strange feelings in your legs and feet? You probably want to ask your doctor about it
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Energy Company Helps Preserve Mountain’s Beauty
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Festive Foods to Skip or Pick for Your Pets According to a Veterinarian
(NewsUSA) - The holidays ring in a season of food prep and culinary indulgence, enticing people and pets with an abundance of activity in the kitchen as holiday meals and treats are prepared for …
Why the U.S. Must Monitor Generative AI
Why the U.S. Must Monitor Generative AI
(NewsUSA) - On a global level, models of governance for artificial intelligence (AI) are on display for judgement and potential adoption, and the United States is poised to shape the future …